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Nike Flyknit Collective installation art 2013-12-08 22:35:32 & nbsp; Nike Flyknit Technology uses almost zero waste, ultimate comfort, simple design concept, redefines high performance design, changed the concept we developed for sports shoes. This technology uphold 40 years of Nike's innovative spirit, but again the way of modern technology to bring new solutions. Nike invite innovators from different disciplines and cultural fields, co Nike Flyknit Collective series of installation art, science and technology will Flyknit abstract design concept into the art space and structure. These innovations were inspired by the Flyknit technology to performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability principles to create, to create a unique space art, giving the audience a unique experience, as the global creative community and Nike Flyknit paid tribute to the excellent science and technology. Flyknit Collective series has been in Milan, New York and London with great success. By the end of August this year, the financial technology and creativity as one of the art project came to Shanghai, famous innovation leader, architect and industrial designer green Chi Huang Qian (Arthur Huang) and Nike's Mr. Ben Shaffer, Dave Cobban and Hong Kong's creative team ESKYIU Feather Pavilion jointly jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black unveiled the prototype of installation art is the author of Mr. Huang. Between September 29 to October 6 date, the final product Feather Pavilion installation art will be formally exhibited in the Beijing International Design Week. This interactive platform for innovation in natural mechanics feathers inspired, renewable TPU POLLI brick single material developed by the Wong constructed extremely light and dynamic organic venues, combined with sound, light and other elements give the audience a vivid experience feelings, showing the full range of Nike Flyknit lightweight, fit, function and sustainability features. Adhering to its sustainability Nike "Better World" (Nike Better World) environmental concept, but also with the Beijing Design Week "design to enhance urban quality" theme complement each other. Nike Flyknit Technology Nike Flyknit technology is an unprecedented change, we changed the design, production and high-performance sports shoe wear patterns. Flyknit Technology developed precise structure of the yarn to produce uppers - offer new possibilities for the body and create sustainable revolution. performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability, these Nike Flyknit innovation core strengths, and also the 40 years became the foundation of Nike design element cheap foamposites s. Implement these ideals need to solve the problem by designing constantly. Nike Flyknit Collective project Not only the vanguard of the fight forever athletes only desire these qualities. These elements are also designed the basic principles of art and architecture, and prompted Nike to create the Nike Flyknit Collective project: to build a platform for the creative elite in various fields to promote dialogue and interaction between each other, and ultimately enable them to own way through the design of the expression of these principles in their respective fields. Each innovators are associated with these principles has a unique relationship, they are all extraordinary accomplishments in their fields of expertise, involving architecture, modern art, natural sciences, sustainability construction, furniture design and visual arts. They will take advantage of seminars and creative communities from the data collected as a framework for the creation of public art. sports concept will play a key role in the conceptual design and implementation phases. Although the process itself is to provide inspiration for the creators, but the ultimate goal is a new transformation in the way they inspire designers around social groups. Innovators from all areas and cultural backgrounds will be in Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale vited to the Nike Flyknit Technology abstract design concept into the art space and structure. Let's take a look at the preview global situation Nike Flyknit Collective works: the modern artist Ernesto Neto starting from July 26 in London Nike shows a mesh apparatus 1948 stores. Weaving handicrafts in its functional aspects are very helpful for heat and stretch after running athlete. The final entries will be completed in September in Rio de Janeiro, as a sporting event in the world for the next session of the gift of the host country. Since then, there are five Nike Flyknit Collective members will be original works displayed in major cities worldwide: New York by the architect Jenny Sabin responsible, Shanghai Industrial Designers from green to yellow Qian Zhi (Arthur Huang) responsible for London by the United Visual Artists Association responsible, Milan and Tokyo by Lot-ek Architects responsible. They in August - September in their respective cities responsible for original works displayed. Nike is the ultimate goal of a new unique way to encourage creativity in the global community development, adhering to the creative community between Nike and long tradition of cooperation, and promote the development of sports and innovation. Mr. Huang Qianzhi the "Feather Pavilion" Bor air jordan 11 space jam for sale n in Taipei, engineer, Mr. architects, entrepreneurs and pioneers of sustainability thinking Huang Qian Zhi focus on a different perspective of the world. For the four elements Flyknit technology - performance, lightweight, bonded technology, sustainability, Huang Qian Chi Chi, through its small R & D (Miniwiz) the company conducted a subtle and realistic interpretation, and thus contributed to the "Feather Pavilion" of born. This spectacular installation art as an interactive platform for innovation, to show visitors where the full value of Flyknit technology, and from its own nature mechanical masterpiece - a lot of feathers burst out of inspiration and ideas. Set Flyknit design of the four elements in one of the Feather Pavilion, through its roof shape physically embodied in the concept and nature of feathers, its portability and excellent performance force become the core exhibits a large hall or exhibition space, so like Nike Flyknit and visitors innovative ideas period in which to experience the personalized journey. Each element Mr. Huang Qianzhi works express a "performance-based" - just walk into the pavilion, set foot on the platform, can generate sensory changes throughout the entire structure. Kinetic energy changes the appearance and the actual construction of the buildi jordans on sale online ng form. Ceiling light as a feather fluttering sound as if sounded, lights and video transmission both inside and outside the walls and floor, creating a harmonious beauty of science and technology and music. "lightweight" runs through the various elements of Feather Pavilion experience - in addition to feelings of absolute essence of the visual light from outside, renewable interwoven sense of lightness and transparency and constantly changing ceiling TPU POLLI another brick structure, it is completely into one. precise structure of this project, the industrial style and custom spirit is "fit" of the perfect embodiment. Complex pulley system mapping the loom action, weaving and creation Flyknit technology which is very similar, while the entire space structure will enter along with those who experience a difference, like wings stretching, into a purely physics Nike innovation extends technology. "sustainability" is not just a fashionable slogan. In the field, it validates the outstanding efforts of small intellectual development in this field, by POLLI compression brick wall, visitors may notice a sustainable qualities of the building - the seemingly worthless waste into raw rough artwork inspired by overflowing. Each POLLI brick made entirely of renewable TPU, associated with jordan 3 katrina 2018 each other, thereby creating a flexible structure. To further add to 100% of the organic reinforcement mechanism continues the regeneration of traditional rice bran and the future integration of the creative design. Green Voltage (Volt Green) yarn through the entire exhibition hall, which is located in visiting the United States, Oregon, Nike's global headquarters in Beaverton, the use made of Nike R & D lab specifications, like trumpet sturdy mountaineering rope, gradually transformed into the thin rope. This is the perfect combination of function and beauty unprecedented. At the end of the tour, Feather Pavilion will be recycled to produce a creative art installation at small intellectual development of the company.Fan: often commissioning editor date: 2017-3-8 HD: NCAA March madness Adidas release exclusive color boots NCAA March madness schedule jiqiangkaida, Adidas recently released their sponsorship of University team for boots, including Harden Vol. 1, Dame 3 and Crazy Explosive Low, each team's color shoes and uniforms the same color.NBA this year, the championship has been the Lakers at Staples stadium, has scenery ended, then another highlight is the war by signing players attention than Championship absolute ifheavier. This year the leading actor star is sure to Lebron Jame cheap air jordans s the most attention, but the fans the latest Air Max Lebron VIII shoes is expected to. This pair of combination support NIKE flagship Technology shoes is not my first sensation, Flywire, Air, Max 360 and other details of the combination of fiber hardwood clappers, at this time constant for the first time exposure of the mysterious shoes as details can be seen in the Flywire package technology under fiber and leather uppers and hardwood clappers, Air Max is 360 a new modified appearance show. This NIKE will Air Max Lebron VIII lace holes breath pulled shoe body height, cut the tongue with a new design of the Lebron lion totem. As can be seen from all the details, even though James is still wearing the Cavaliers' shirt next season, NIKE is still struggling to tailor Lebron's personal shoes. For more full coverage, please follow our follow-up reports. N: F3 Z9 g+ b/ N4! {1 z* W A9 { 9 v% S1 G4 t B2 ^% `#, [ talk about Chaos, shoes fans will associate with Nike Zoom Kobe, whether it is the 5 generation or 6 generations have this exclusive color, and by the vast number of fans love. Now, in addition to the Kobe series, what series of shoes, shoes fans can not replace it? It must be Air Jordan! Since it is everyone's favorite, Nike certainly does not even hesitate to use this color to Air Jorda Retro jordans for sale n III, AJ+Chaos+ burst crack, I can not find a better word to describe it more perfect, please be sure to lock our follow-up reports. in the upcoming all star weekend is not only a variety of ASG all star shoes sale, Air Jordan has sold many pairs of shoes will be hot replenishment, including Air Jordan, Air Jordan 3Lab5 Infrared Taxi 12, Air Jordan 5 Bel Air, Air Jordan 5 Oreo and Air Jordan color gamma Malan 11 Gamma Blue, Air Jordan 12 Gamma Blue.Chinese shoes Network March 8 hearing, Guangdong Province thirteenth Games sponsorship contract signing ceremony March 3, 2010 afternoon in Huizhou Lakefront Golf Resort held, sponsored to attend the signing ceremony sponsored Olympic and other well-known brands . Leaders attending the ceremony were the Provincial Games Preparatory Committee Secretary-General Fan Zhongjie Huizhou City, Huizhou City Vice Chairman, Sports Bureau ?????? et al., Chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General of the municipal government, the city of the Preparatory Committee, deputy director of General Office Chen Provincial Games Comrade Mao Liang presided over the meeting Olympic marketing center in South China accounted for the world crown, general manager of the Provincial Games held speech congratulated the organizing committee presented the mascot and accept the ce buy cheap jordans online rtificate. This time, very interesting is the leading brand of Olympic action sports brand in the Asian Games before the learned of this transaction it is smart and clever. sports Guangdong province of China, in the construction of sports among the fruits. Guangdong Provincial Games every four years is the highest level of Guangdong Province Major Games, is to show the level of achievement of Guangdong sports development and sports development in cities an important stage, but also showcase event achievements in economic and social development of Guangdong Province, has gradually become closer ordinary sports fans, a platform for testing the level of development of amateur sport. Pick and Guangdong Province Thirteenth Games Organizing Committee signed a cooperation agreement to become the thirteenth Games in Guangdong Province Sponsors "and" Guangdong Province thirteenth Games designated sports equipment, "the title and made men's basketball competitions The naming rights sponsor for the international and domestic competitions has been active movement of several well-known domestic front in terms of Olympic sports brand, the hope in Guangdong province sports marketing and make a new attempt to break through, and to begin to do the Asian Games in Guangdong pre-warm-up. It is under jordans on sale mens stood that the Olympic success in September last year listed in Hong Kong has become the key of the pen Peak performance brand value, is listed Chinese sports brand success stories. Pick the commercial development of these in Guangdong Year achieved very good results, thanks to a good sports Guangdong economy operating in Huizhou City, hosted the Thirteenth Provincial Games can be described as a full policy efforts, urban culture extraordinary sports power, Pick portrait investment, thereby Sports event platform, will also be more public sports products showcase innovative technologies, experience the latest products and ideas; also expressed the good wishes of the enterprise contribute to the community, social responsibility . Thirteenth Guangdong Province Games held coincides with the Guangzhou Asian Games held the same year, the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, but more of a large-scale training and Parade, the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games successfully held the most powerful to promote the development of sports in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial People incentives boost morale, confidence, to further establish and implement the scientific concept of development, and create a new situation in building a harmonious Guangdong, has great significance. Pick accounted for the world crown in South China Marketing Center general manager, said: Peak to God will be willing to join in the building of sports, the Guangdong Asian Games is an opportunity and a challenge, we should actively corresponding business, which is corporate social responsibility lies. Pick years of participation in organized sports competitions, show a sense of responsibility and commitment to the construction of Olympic sports and cultural society. Set China's space industry partners, NBA official marketing partners and the International Basketball Association, a strategic partner of the Olympic and many other honors, move more attention to "national sport" marketing model. Sponsored Guangdong Provincial Games, Olympic sports channel marketing will broaden to a more popular platform, through the Provincial Games the people involved, and to encourage more sports fans realize their dreams in the game. As one of the country's most famous sports brand, Pick became in 2010 the Thirteenth Guangdong Province Games sponsors and designated sports equipment manufacturers in the industry won praise. Olympic sports will become more firmly the sports channel marketing continues, by providing funds, goods, services and other ways to help the provincial sports events have broader influence, and ultimately to make the social and practical support public benefit.The Chinese geomantic Air Jordan 1 "Feng Shui" will be officially sold in October 10th. It was said that the same kind of XX9 was made up of the wasp suit, but there was no specific news release at the moment.Nike recently once again into a hot LeBron Soldier 10 launched a new design, this brand in Ohio State University and University of Kentucky for the design inspiration, were selected for the red and blue shoes and primary colors, and the use of white Swoosh and Logo embellishment, finally carrying white at the bottom end. nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-kentucky.jpg (250.46 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Team 2016-8-10 10:28 upload nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-kentucky-1.jpg (304.58 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Team 2016-8-10 10:28 upload nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-kentucky-2.jpg (217.48 KB, download number: 1) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Team 2016-8-10 10:28 upload nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-ohio-state.jpg (219.29 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Team 2016-8-10 10:28 upload nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-ohio-state-1.jpg (279.82 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron Soldier 10 Team 2016-8-10 10:28 upload nike-lebron-soldier-10-team-ohio-state-2.jpg (211.67 KB, download number: 0) download 〈0Whether it is for yourself, or for your game or community, do not miss the opportunity to shine dazzling brilliance. 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